Complete System Slick Slide $480 plus shipping
Tax included
    Includes- Slick Slide system, adjustable
    comb, adjustable butt plate, cylinder,
    and a Kick Eez recoil pad.

Rad Recoil System$500 plus shipping
Tax included
Includes - installation and recoil pad

Adjustable Comb $165
Includes Sps hardware

Adjustable Butt Plate$165
  Includes stock cut to length, plates ground
  to fit, and Kick Eez recoil pad.  Plate moves
  up, down, left, and right.  Also cants left or right

Kick Eez Recoil Pad                               $35
Fitting and instillation$50

Stripped Recoil pad holes fixed                        $10/per hole

New Padded Comb (Soft Comb)                        $175
  adjustable (up, down, left, or right)
  Includes cutting the comb and
  installing Sps hardware

Padded Comb Upgrade                                     $100
  Turn your current adjustable wood
  comb into a padded comb

Replacement Cylinder                                       $100

Length of pull spacers$30
  spacers come in aluminum or
  high impact black plastic. Price includes
  fitting to recoil pad.

Stock Cut to length with fixed recoil pad         $100

Stock and Fore arm re-finished $300 - $500
Stock dent repair$30 and up
  prices vary due to size of dent, time,
  and finish

Cracked Stock repair                                       $50 minimum

Misc Gunsmithing              $50/HR  +

parts & materials


Slick Slide comes with an adjustable comb that can be moved up, down, left or right, and an adjustable butt plate that can be adjusted up, down, left and right and also cant left or right.  The Slick Slide has a fixed length of pull unless a spacer system is used.  Spacer plates are $20 each and include fitting to recoil pad.  Spacer plates can be made in Aluminum or black high impact plastic. 

The Rad Recoil System is an adjustable hydraulic shock absorber.  Rad Recoil System is adjustable for length of pull and the recoil pad adjusts up, down, left and right and also cants left and right.